continuous mixer made by Peerless Food Equipment

Continuous Mixer

Efficiently Mix and Aerate Batters, Cremes, Icings & More

The Peerless continuous mixer pumps and aerates cake batter, crème fillings, icings, marshmallow, whipped cream butter and many other food products for unsurpassed consistency, uniform cell structure and precise specific gravity. A stainless steel mixing chamber with high-strength pyramid-shaped mixing teeth results in faster, more efficient mixing.

Key Features

  • Results in high shear action in lower speeds, which results in lower energy costs
  • Stainless steel mixing chamber with high strength pyramid blade design results in faster, more efficient mixing
  • Continuous aeration head capable of 100-plus pounds per hour of cream
  • Consists of rotor and stator combinations
  • Front and rear stators of the mixing chamber are constructed of double-walled stainless steel for coolant circulation and efficient temperature control
  • Sanitary, positive displacement pump with stainless steel body and connections
  • Simple, convenient operator control panel with easy access to electrical and mechanical components for maintenance and service

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