Biscuits in an industrial sandwiching machine for bakeries

Committed to Innovation and Sanitary Designs

With Peerless Food Equipment, you’ll find our sanitary designs are more than just words. Our team has the latest certifications and training, and we comply with all ANSI/ASB/Z50.2-2015 Sanitation Standards for the Design of Bakery Equipment criteria.

Sanitary equipment design is essential to ensuring food safety, high quality and efficiency in your production lines. The more sanitary the design, the less sanitation costs you face. That’s a win for all.

Active Member of the BISSC

As an active member of the Baking Industry Sanitation Standards Committee, Peerless Food Equipment is designed to follow the committee’s best practice standards and guidelines. The criteria differ based on each piece of food equipment, but basic standards include product surfaces that are non-absorbent and non-toxic, easy access to surfaces for cleaning and sanitation, tracks designed to minimize retention of food particles and other design elements that promote safety and sanitation of workers and consumers.

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“The mixing unit itself is extremely easy to clean and sanitize in place. The bowl seals remove easily to allow for full sanitation of the equipment with no hassle. The RDF and conveyor units are easy to transport to our wash-down area for full cleaning and sanitizing. The conveyor belt itself is easily removed for washing and sanitizing, and it’s easily replaced for production.” 

– OCHO Candy

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