portable cream hopper and pump for commercial bakeries

Cream Delivery Equipment

Add Efficiency and Accuracy to Your Line

The Peters portable cream hopper and pump delivers with accuracy. Available in 35-gallon (132-liter) and 70-gallon (264-liter) capacities, with multiple configurations and options to condition cream for your product needs. Fully integrated with messaging and speed controls to provide accurate and automatic controls.

Key Features

  • PTH-35 portable cream hopper equipped with one (1) Waukesha #30 rotary positive displacement cream pump, sized for 35-gallon capacity (132 liters), to feed cream to the end of the stencil assembly (Single Ingress). 
  • Option for a 70-gallon hopper.
  • Repositionable lid with audible alarm indicating the hopper lid is open.
  • Hopper can be spaced up to 2.5 meters from the sandwiching machine. For distances over 2.5 meters, performance may be negatively affected.

Custom Options

  • Jacketed or Non-Jacketed tanks and piping options.
  • Additional aeration available with our Continuous Mixer.
  • Cooling and refrigeration unit available, with convenient operator control panel and easy access to electrical and mechanical components for maintenance.

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