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KleanVue Open Frame Mixer

Consistent and exceptional functionality. Maximum versatility. The industry leader.

Mixing at Its Best. Experience a clean view of mixing performance with our KleanVue Series Mixer. Whatever the combination, the KleanVue will provide performance, versatility and ease of maintenance, no matter what you are mixing. Designed with a robust tubular frame that is easy to wash down and promotes exceptional sanitation, the KleanVue mixer line provides a lifetime of production output for your bakery.  Just what you expect from the leader in the industry.

Key Features

  • ANSI/ASB/Z50.2/BISSC & CE Certified.
  • 304 stainless steel round tubular frame design allows easier access in or around exterior parts.
  • KleanVue mixers come standard with a non-directional finish.
  • Equipped with an interlocked tubular frame that is built for strength and stability.
  • Constructed with a slanted motor mount plate to direct bending forces through the structural members and into the floor.
  • FDA-approved bowl seals (optional metal detectable) to minimize leaking and preserve product safety.
  • High Efficiency, IEEE premium duty, waterproof motor. 
  • Direct drive with grid coupling eliminates all belts, chains and sprockets.
  • Zero maintenance trunnion bearings for the ultimate in sanitation and up-time.
  • Custom Mixer Cycle System (CMCS) allows for the creation and storage of mix cycles.
  • Hydraulic bowl tilt 120° forward.
  • NEMA 12/dust-tight, painted remote starter enclosure.
  • Equipped with sanitary enclosures that house the hydraulics, electrical components, safety modules and air controls to reduce the buildup of flour and other ingredients.
  • Proprietary EZ Klean slide gate designed for toolless disassembly and reassembly.

Custom Options


  • Manual or automatic trough hooks
  • Trough in-place safety sensors
  • Dump side stainless steel bowl guard equipped with two interlocked hinged doors


  • Direct expansion refrigeration jacket and fittings (please specify refrigerant)
  • Bowl drain valve
  • Cold Bar System (with refrigerated breaker bar & bowl end cooling)
  • Cold Bar Plus Refrigerated Agitator System 


  • Forward tilt up to 140° forward (hydraulic actuator)
  • Two-Way-Tilt (TWT) up to 140° Forward and 95° Reverse


  • Additional liquid inlet
  • Anti-drip adapters
  • Interlocked ingredient door to add minor ingredients
  • Rear sponge door
  • BFM fitting(s) for product gate(s)
  • Metal detectable bowl side seats


  • Auxiliary control panel with basic mixer controls
  • NEMA 4X (IP66 rated) stainless steel starter enclosure (in lieu of painted)
  • Sanitation cover for protector operator panel
  • Maintenance and Engineering Convenience Package, which includes enclosure lighting and a grace port with externally mounted utility receptacle and “closed door” programming access
  • Increased screen size for Allen Bradley Panel View +7 

Agitator Options

Triple Roller Bar

  • Best for breads, flour tortillas, pizzas, bagels, doughnuts, croissants, buns, rolls and English muffins.
  • Created from robust, food-grade 304 Stainless Steel, the roller bars and shaft are designed and fabricated for food contact surfaces (Ra 1.6 µm (Ra 63 µin)), meeting the sanitation standards your product requires.
  • With consistent kneading action, the roller bars deliver maximum energy transfer, creating exceptional dough development.

Double Sigma Arm

  • Ideal for wire-cut cookie dough, cake, doughnuts, muffins, pretzels, granola, energy bars, scones, cream filling, Italian Christmas breads and fig jam.
  • The agitators work in a thorough, uniform motion, supplying a center of the bowl mix while creating high shear and a back and forth product movement.
  • Created from robust, food-grade, 304 Stainless Steel, the agitator and shaft are designed and fabricated for food contact surfaces  (Ra 1.6 µm (Ra 63 µin), meeting the sanitation standards your product requires.

Single Sigma Arm

  • Ideal for cookies (moulded, laminated and sheeted), crackers, biscuits, corn tortillas, energy bars, pet food and cream filling. 
  • Double-sweep design works dough in a back-and-forth, up-and-down motion across the bowl.  This allows for low-shear incorporation of minor ingredients like chocolate chips, fruits and nuts.
  • Created from robust, food-grade 304 Stainless Steel, the agitators and shaft are rated for food contact surfaces (Ra 1.6 µm (Ra 63 µin)), meeting the sanitation standards your product requires.

High Shear

  • Ideal for pasta dough, taffy, creams and brownie batter. 
  • Engineered to produce wet and dissolve sticky powder (gums, thickeners, stabilizers) or other similar tricky tasks, this configuration offers benefits not found in other setups.

“We could not be happier with this mixer. It’s been a godsend on that line and has helped us out tremendously on our products. Any of the issues we had before with the old mixers, they’ve gone away with this one and we could not be happier.”

 – MaMa Rosa’s refrigerated pizza

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