Depositors for All Your Bakery Needs

High-Speed Depositing of Fillings

Peerless Food Equipment offers a complete range of depositors for cakes, muffins, icing production and more. Our depositors are designed to handle extremely high-speed depositing and continuous or intermittent depositing with the utmost accuracy. Efficiently produce superior products with added value and cost-effectiveness.

Piston Depositor

  • Custom engineered to accommodate your pan size(s) and configuration(s).
  • Stainless steel support frame.
  • Pan sensor to automatically start depositing cycle.
  • Video operator interface panel for creating and storing recipes.
  • Available as a fully conveyorized unit, a tabletop unit with our without pneumatic lift, or as a free-standing cantilevered unit.
  • The depositor is designed to deliver high-speed deposits with accurate scaling weights.

Manifold Depositor

The Manifold depositor is used for continuous or intermittent depositing of toaster pastry fillings, certain batter types, icing and other specialty products. It can deposit drops, strips of various lengths and widths, as well as continuous strips or sheets of product. Product is fed to the Manifold icer under pressure from either a continuous mixer or a pump system.