enrober made by Peerless Food Equipment

Enrobers for Bakery Manufacturers

Enrobe Baked Goods with a Coating

The Peerless Enrober (Fedco) is designed to enrobe snack cakes, donuts, cookies and biscuits with chocolate or other coatings. Our engineering and customer support teams work with you to define your precise design needs and customize a solution. Each machine is individually engineered to fit your production environment, whether new or existing.

Key Features

  • Product conveyor inclines and declines under dual waterfalls for improved coatings on lead and trailing edge of the product.
  • Powered, adjustable, bottoming roller forces coating up through conveyor belt to ensure complete bottom coating.
  • Product tank and pump assembly can be rolled out for ease of cleaning and maintenance.
  • Belt tapping mechanism and anti-tailing rod are provided for optimum control of coating.
  • Product tank is provided with an agitator and large crumb screen.
  • Product tank and pump discharge pipe are jacketed and thermostatically controlled.
  • Circulating water system is designed so that if a leak occurs the water will leak to the floor and not into the coating material.
  • Hinged Lexan and sliding doors enclosing product coating area for retention and control of heat, while allowing for easy access and sanitation.
  • Two air heaters provide maximum coating.